All Calibres Sketches-07The 308 Winchester is a commercial caliber derived from the 7.62×57 NATO military caliber, and made its debut in 1952.  It was designed as a rimless, bottle-necked rifle cartridge and has become a very popular big-game hunting cartridge particularly in short-action rifles. In North America, the 308 Winchester is notoriously favored for use in Whitetail hunting rifles, as well as for hunting other medium- to large-sized game, such as Moose, Elk, and Pronghorn.

This cartridge is extensively used for big game hunting in Africa, but has also been successfully applied in hunting a variety of different classes of game, from the tiny Duiker, to the large Eland. Although often considered a modern equivalent to the 30-06 caliber, the 308’s slightly lower velocity lends itself better to mid-range targets, as opposed to the long range targets acquired by the 30-06 Springfield.

Why the 308 Winchester is a popular hunting caliber:

  • Imparts Hydrostatic shock: The 308 Winchester delivers sufficient energy to the target to impart hydrostatic shock to the game being hunted, thereby increasing the efficiency of the shot.  Hydrostatic shock theory suggests that rapidly expanding bullets have a hydraulic effect on liquid-filled tissues of a living animal. The kinetic energy of the bullet delivers a shock wave to the body, which promotes incapacitation and the disruption in functioning in various bodily systems in the target.
  • Reliability with feed and extraction from rifles: The cartridge’s design should reliably feed and extract from bolt action rifles and machine guns.
  • Can be used on medium to long range targets: Although 308 cartridges have been noted to drop slightly in comparison to calibers with higher velocities and more energy, the 308 Winchester can be reliably used over the medium- to long range.  It is considered to be most effective, however, for targets within the short to medium range.
  • Less recoil and highly accurate: The 308 Winchester has comparatively light recoil, reloads easily and is considered to be very accurate.

Animals you can hunt with the 308 Winchester:

Hunting rifles that make use of the 308 Winchester:

  • Nosler M48 TGR2010
  • Savage Model 12 F/TR
  • Sako 85 Finnlight
  • Tikka Whitetail Hunter
  • Marlin SX7

Peregrine Bullets For The 308 Winchester

Peregrine BushMaster

The Peregrine BushMaster is ideal for any type of game hunting in thicket and is suitable for short to medium range applications. The Peregrine BushMaster is an expanding bullet with similar ballistics as the Peregrine Solid Copper bullet. The “brass initiator/ plunger” enhances nose expansion and mushroom forming at low and high bullet velocities.

Peregrine PlainsMaster

The Peregrine PlainsMaster bullet is a spitzer hunting bullet designed for open terrain hunting with medium range application. The Peregrine PlainsMaster is also an expanding bullet, with a brass plunger that enhances nose expansion and mushrooming at high and low bullet velocities.

Peregrine Solid Copper

The Peregrine Solid Copper reloading bullet is designed to be used in conjunction with the BushMaster range for sighting your hunting rifle.  Due to the solid construction there will be no bending or fragmenting.


Peregrine Match

The Peregrine Peregrine Match Reloading Bullet is a competition shooting bullet mainly used for medium range target shooting and is a practice shooting substitute for the Peregrine PlainsMaster bullet. The Peregrine Match bullet has increased velocity but less recoil compared to to lead-core bullets.