The reloading process may seem very daunting to newcomers and we’d like to help you through the process of getting started on the road to precision shooting.

Reloading 101: How to start

Before embarking on the reloading process, it is important to understand that reloading is a skill that requires precision, maturity, safety awareness and a good helping of common sense.  By understanding the sense of responsibility and awareness of  the dangers involved in irresponsible reloading practices, the battle is more than halfway won.  In addition, the following steps can be done in order to determine what is needed to be acquired before reloading can commence:

  • Firstly, understand what reloading equipment you will need to reload safely and effectively.
  • Understand the reloading process and how you will go about reloading bullets from start to finish.
  • Identify the cartridge that you will be reloading from the reloading data page on our website.
  • Carefully select the following:
    • the correct bullet weight,
    • reloading powder and
    • appropriate primer.
  • Utilize the suggestions offered with regards to the appropriate and necessary tools to employ in order to reload successfully.
  • Obtain all materials as set out above.

Reloading 101: Establish an appropriate place to reload

When selecting the appropriate area to set up your reloading equipment, it is of critical importance to ensure that the area selected:

  • Is well-lit to allow for accurate measurements and precision work to be done;
  • Is void of outside distractions that could deflect the reloader’s attention away from the task at hand. These distractions include radio’s, televisions, children playing, telephones etc.;
  • There should be enough space to assemble all equipment and still have sufficient space to work comfortably, dry cleaned cartridges, etc;
  • A suitable work bench is required, sturdy and steady and able to handle heavy equipment; and
  • Safe and suitable storage should also be available for all materials, including powders and primers.

Follow reloading recipes

Reloading data sheets are provided on our website.  These sheets have been carefully compiled and should be followed to the letter.  Peregrine Bullets advises most strongly against making any adjustments with regards to any of the data provided on the reloading data sheets. Any alterations can potentially place the reloader, or anyone using the reloaded ammunition, in grave danger. If you need assistance with load data for a caliber we do not have listed on our website, feel free to contact us.

Results of random experimentation

The information provided in the reloading data sheets have been developed by rigorous scientific principles by ballistic laboratories.  The information provided is reliable and trustworthy.  Although there may be times where a reloader may consider substituting one bullet/primer brand for another, any changes to the provided information should be done with great caution.  Any changes will directly affect the ballistic performance of the reloaded ammunition.

Typically, a good starting point when starting out as a reloader, would be to duplicate the factory ammunition that was used prior to reloading.  However, Peregrine Bullets do not come preloaded in factory ammunition, it is therefore advised that any newcomer contact Peregrine directly in the event that he/she experiences any uncertainty with regards to the reloading data sheets supplied.

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