All Calibres Sketches-05The 270 Winchester is a a necked-down version of the 30-03, and was introduced in 1925.  Reportedly, this caliber gained widespread popularity in the United States following glowing reviews made by Jack O’Connor in “Outdoor Life”.  These rifles have gained particular popularity for use as deer hunting rifles and elk hunting rifles.  In later years, however, Winchester developed additional bullet weights in order to broaden the scope of targets to include both smaller game (specifically varmints) and bigger game (like moose).

Today, the 270 Winchester is considered a top contender in hunting big game over the medium range, and has achieved much success to this end. As a result, the 270 is offered in a great variety of loads, ranging from 100 grains to 160 grains, depending on the size of the targeted animal, although an even wider range of loads is available to handloaders (with loads varying between 90 grains and 180 grains).

Why the 270 Winchester is a popular hunting caliber:

  • Versatile: The caliber’s strong versatility and load variability allows for the hunt of a variety of different sized game.
  • Low recoil: Recoil on the 270 Winchester is comparatively low.
  • Flat trajectory: The 270 Winchester offers a flat trajectory, which increases accuracy and decreases the need for compensation by the hunter.
  • Customization: .30-03 cases can be necked-down and resized to be used as cartridges for the 270 caliber.
  • Performs at high velocity: The 270 Winchester performs at a very high velocity (which improves accuracy and bullet placement) and, coupled with the size of the bullet load, dramatically increases the bullet’s ability to deliver a terminal force to the game being hunted.
  • Delivers maximum damage: The 270 Winchester penetrates an animal deeply, which inflicts the maximum amount of possible damage and therefor increases the effectiveness of the hunting kill shot.
  • Can be used with a variety of rifles: Finally, this caliber can be chambered in a variety of firearms, including bolt-actions, single-shots, lever-actions, pump-actions, auto-loaders and double rifles.

Animals you can hunt with the 270 Winchester:

Hunting rifles that make use of the 270 Winchester:

  • Browning BLR
  • Remington 7600
  • Remington 7400
  • CZ 527 Varmint
  • Savage Model 16FCSS

Peregrine Bullets For The 270 Winchester

Peregrine BushMaster

The Peregrine BushMaster is ideal for any type of game hunting in thicket and is suitable for short to medium range applications. The Peregrine BushMaster is an expanding bullet with similar ballistics as the Peregrine Solid Copper bullet.

Peregrine PlainsMaster

The Peregrine PlainsMaster bullet is a spitzer hunting bullet designed for open terrain hunting with medium range application. The Peregrine PlainsMaster is also an expanding bullet, with a brass plunger that enhances nose expansion and mushrooming at high and low bullet velocities.

Peregrine Solid Copper

The Peregrine Solid Copper reloading bullet is designed to be used in conjunction with the Peregrine BushMaster range for sighting your hunting rifle.  Due to the solid construction there will be no bending or fragmenting.

Peregrine Match

The Peregrine Peregrine Match Reloading Bullet is a competition shooting bullet mainly used for medium range target shooting and is a practice shooting substitute for the Peregrine PlainsMaster bullet. The Peregrine Match bullet has increased velocity but less recoil compared to to lead-core bullets.