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A spitzer hunting bullet designed for plains hunting that has good BCs for medium range applications.

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The Peregrine PlainsMaster bullet is a Spitzer Bullet with a boattail design that contains a copper plunger which will cause the bullet to expand on impact. It has the same ballistic coefficient as the Peregrine Match (VRG5) Reloading Bullet

Ideal for: Plainsgame hunting in open and long ranges

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Dimensions 12.1 × 12.1 × 12.1 in
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.224 PlainsMaster 50gr, .224 PlainsMaster 55gr, .224 PlainsMaster 69gr, .243 PlainsMaster 100gr, .243 PlainsMaster 75gr, .243 PlainsMaster 80gr, .243 PlainsMaster 87gr, .243 PlainsMaster 95gr, .257 PlainsMaster 100gr, .257 PlainsMaster 87gr, .264 PlainsMaster 105gr, .264 PlainsMaster 120gr, .264 PlainsMaster 125gr, .264 PlainsMaster 132gr, .264 PlainsMaster 140gr, .277 PlainsMaster 120gr, .277 PlainsMaster 130gr, .284 PlainsMaster 120gr, .284 PlainsMaster 130gr, .284 PlainsMaster 140gr, .284 PlainsMaster 150gr, .308 PlainsMaster 132gr, .308 PlainsMaster 150gr, .308 PlainsMaster 165gr, .308 PlainsMaster 180gr, .308 PlainsMaster 190gr, .308 PlainsMaster 200gr, .312 PlainsMaster 150gr, .312 PlainsMaster 168gr, .318 PlainsMaster 180gr, .323 PlainsMaster 160gr, .323 PlainsMaster 180gr, .323 PlainsMaster 200gr, .338 PlainsMaster 200gr, .338 PlainsMaster 220gr, .338 PlainsMaster 250gr, .356 PlainsMaster 200gr, .356 PlainsMaster 220gr, .366 PlainsMaster 230gr, .366 PlainsMaster 250gr, .375 PlainsMaster 200gr, .375 PlainsMaster 230gr, .375 PlainsMaster 250gr, .375 PlainsMaster 270gr, .416 PlainsMaster 300gr, .423 PlainsMaster 320gr, .458 PlainsMaster 300gr, .458 PlainsMaster 380gr

2 reviews for PlainsMaster Bullets

  1. Hermann Weidemann

    Thought I would update you on my first reloading with Peregrine 180 gr. VRG-4 in my 1936 Greifelt stalking gun. 8x57JR .318. 47 GR OF CFE 223 gets me to 2400 fps. More than fast enough for that old girl. Attached is a picture of the gun and a group at 75 yards. Inside the black circle is a 3 shot group.
    Sure shoots well.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Robert D Popovich

    Last year I harvested my second deer using the 160gr Plainsmaster VRG-4 bullet. I load 50.1gr of IMR 4064 into 8 x 57mm RWS brass using the Remington 9 1/2 LR primer which gives me 3000 fps muzzle velocity and killing power out beyond 500 yards. I have a custom built rifle chambered in a SAAMI version of the Mauser caliber in a McMillan stocked Montana Rifle action, Douglas barreled rifle with Zeiss optics. There’s only a few efficient bullets for this caliber but this 160gr Plainsmaster has been an excellent choice as it groups under 1 MOA at 100 yards and has been tested out to 400.

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