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Loading Peregrine pistol bullets 45ACP and 40S&W

The reloading 45 ACP rounds experience is presumed to be the same as others. The main difference is from reloading lead projectiles to non lead projectiles. Lead projectiles work best using a taper crimp for the correct headspace. With lead calibers  from 451 and 452 caliber, taper crimping usually [...]

Jamie Hughes | Utah Mountains

My name is Jamie Hughes, and I am a hunter that lives in San Diego, California.  I have traveled to the safaris in SA twice, and my home sports some fine examples of African plans game.  In my last trip (2014), my PH introduced me to another PH from Pretoria who gave me a box of 30 Peregrine VRG-4 2 [...]

Johan Calitz in Tanzania

Our friend, legendary professional hunter and outfitter Johan Calitz from Johan Calitz Safaris is currently hunting in Tanzania with clients. Looking to bag some plains game, a male lion and a couple of Cape Buffalo trophy bulls. After sighting in the rifles and giving them a good clean the hunt beg [...]

Common Waterbuck | May 2013 | Corno van Rooyen

While on a hunting trip in the Limpopo valley we spotted a huge Waterbuck one day and two days later we were fortunate enough to get a second chance. There were a few Waterbuck cows next to a filled water pan and I suspected that a bull would be with the herd. Unfortunately the herd smelled us and r [...]

Elephant Hunting – Russel Millbrow

Many years ago, shortly after the end of the Rhodesian war, I was invited to Zimbabwe as a guest of Zimbabwean Parks Department to attend an Elephant cull in Hwange. I was to be the guest of Dr John Condy, the state veterinarian. At the time I was a newly qualified pilot and owned my own Cessna 210 [...]

Cape Eland | September 2014 | Henna Du Plessis

I would like to share one of my experiences in the hunting arena with your bullets this year. My father and I went hunting in Tshepise with Johan Botha on his beautiful and large farm, Geluksdal.  It turned out that the farm owner also makes use of Peregrine Bullets in all his hunting rifles and I b [...]

Cape Eland – August 2014 – Andries van Rensburg

I recently organized a hunt in a haste and stopped by at Peregrine Bullets in Pretoria to purchase the bullets I had just heard about. From the moment I loaded the bullets I was impressed. I loaded VRG- 3 Bushmaster expanders bi-metal bullets for use in my CZ550 Safari 458 LOTT with 70gr S335 powder [...]

Oryx – August 2014 – Jacques Foché

This second hunt was our regular Kalahari hunt for oryx on the farm Elgin in the Postmasburg district. The farm is approximately 25 miles from Deben and we were there from 10 to 14 August. A few weeks prior there had been helicopter activity in the area causing the animals to be quite wild. On the d [...]

Blue Wildebeest | July 2014 | Jacques Foché

For two full years I have only used Peregrine VRG4 (Peregrine Bullets PlainsMaster) and Peregrine VRG5 (Peregrine Bullets Match) for practicing and hunting. My hunting rifle is a CZ 550 in caliber .375 H&H and to date I have only used 250 grain bullets, PMP cases, with CCS primers and 71.5 grain S35 [...]

Oryx – May 2014 – Willem Fourie

A few weeks ago I contacted Peregrine regarding the use of Peregrine PlainsMaster Bullets, specifically the 140 grain for a 6,5 mm x 284 for a friend of mine. We had the privilege of testing those bullets last week and I would like to share our experience with you. Peregrine suggested that we use th [...]

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