I recently organized a hunt in a haste and stopped by at Peregrine Bullets in Pretoria to purchase the bullets I had just heard about. From the moment I loaded the bullets I was impressed. I loaded VRG- 3 Bushmaster expanders bi-metal bullets for use in my CZ550 Safari 458 LOTT with 70gr S335 powder. The muzzle velocity was an astonishing 2100fps with a maximum spread of 20fps. I seated the heads at 91mm OAL and achieved a dispersion of 30mm at 100m, shooting 50mm high. I left the rifle scope at this setting for my upcoming hunting trip.

My hunt took place on 25 August and I shot a 41” Cape Eland at 80m slightly quartering forward. The shot was a little high entering on the left shoulder (as I forgot my setting) and the exit was on the opposite ribcage. The exit wound was 30mm diameter showing the expansion of the bullet.


The Eland went down right away without any movement whatsoever. On examination of the carcass there were no sign at all of meat damage although the left lung collapsed in total.


Peregrine Bullets are excellent! You guys are on the right track!


Andries Van Rensburg

Entry Angle

Quartering Away Shot

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