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The Peregrine RangeMaster bullet is a smooth solid red copper monolithic bullet used for long and ultra-long range shooting. It truly comes into its own at distances beyond the 650 yard mark.

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The RangeMaster underwent 2 years of stringent testing to create the ultimate long range and extreme long range bullet for marksmen.

Ideal for: The RangeMaster is ideal for long and extreme long range shooting and Peregrine Bullets does not recommend it for any type of hunting application

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Dimensions 13.2 × 4.6 × 5.4 in
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.224 RangeMaster 54gr, .224 RangeMaster 65gr, .224 RangeMaster 69gr, .243 RangeMaster 71gr, .243 RangeMaster 81gr, .243 RangeMaster 91gr, .257 RangeMaster 98gr, .264 RangeMaster 106gr, .264 RangeMaster 117gr, .264 RangeMaster 126gr, .264 RangeMaster 96gr, .277 RangeMaster 107gr, .277 RangeMaster 121gr, .277 RangeMaster 136gr, .284 RangeMaster 115gr, .284 RangeMaster 130gr, .284 RangeMaster 145gr, .284 RangeMaster 153gr, .284 RangeMaster 160gr, .308 RangeMaster 136gr, .308 RangeMaster 146gr, .308 RangeMaster 156gr, .308 RangeMaster 166gr, .308 RangeMaster 176gr, .308 RangeMaster 186gr, .308 RangeMaster 196gr, .308 RangeMaster 206gr, .308 RangeMaster 216gr, .312 RangeMaster 151gr, .338 RangeMaster 220gr, .338 RangeMaster 245gr, .338 RangeMaster 260gr, .338 RangeMaster 275gr, .338 RangeMaster 305gr, .375 RangeMaster 247gr, .375 RangeMaster 300gr, .375 RangeMaster 350gr, .408 RangeMaster 405gr, .416 RangeMaster 430gr, .416 RangeMaster 500gr, .511 RangeMaster 750gr, .511 RangeMaster 800gr, .511 RangeMaster 850gr


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