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The advanced guide to barrel care and cleaning for improved accuracy

Introduction to Barrel Care and Cleaning

Good barrel cleaning habits may not be that obvious and can easily be contemplated as a dark art. This is the most important ritual after shooting and the sooner it is done the better. Good barrel care will not only improve you accuracy but it will also greatly improve the life of your barrel.

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Barrel Care Part 1: How to know if a barrel is clean

What is a clean Barrel? It is a barrel free from any buildup of foreign material like gun powder residue or copper fouling in the grooves or anywhere on the lands. Every shooter has to know what the condition of the barrel is at any stage.

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Barrel Care Part 2: What equipment to use for barrel cleaning

Setting up a proper cleaning kit can be costly. Some of the equipment is convenient and while others are essential. Settling on the right combination is largely a matter of personal preference. In this section all equipment will be discussed as well as their merits.

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Barrel Care Part 3: How to clean a barrel

Developing the correct cleaning routine is a lot about common sense and a little about tradition. Due to many recent technological advancements and a huge variety of clean burning powders available today it will be wise to adopt modern gun cleaning practices.

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Barrel Care Part 4: How to prepare a barrel before shooting

This section is all about the different techniques that can be used to provide a good form of dry lubrication prior to the first shot. First shot lubrication will also help to get on the button and consistent shot placement from a cold, recently cleaned barrel.

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