For two full years I have only used Peregrine VRG4 (Peregrine Bullets PlainsMaster) and Peregrine VRG5 (Peregrine Bullets Match) for practicing and hunting. My hunting rifle is a CZ 550 in caliber .375 H&H and to date I have only used 250 grain bullets, PMP cases, with CCS primers and 71.5 grain S355 gunpowder.

The first hunt of the season took place between 24 and 27 July with Dawie Pienaar (from Pienaarshof in the North West Province). Our hunting group consisted of four hunters and our wives. The facilities were first rate and the hospitality that we received from Dawie, his family and employees was excellent as well.

My hunt of a blue wildebeest was, in almost all respects, a completely new experience for me – particularly the stalking and use of shooting tripods. My first stalking experience was not impressive, as the blue wildebeest were watching us from left to right as we “stalked” them. After what felt like an eternity (but was, in reality, only about 50 minutes), the blue wildebeest cow found herself isolated from the group. Hunting tripods were set up and the shot rang from 190 yards. I shoot often but, as the older folks like to say, on the “knobs” at the front of the flanks. The bullet went through both flanks and the blue wildebeest dropped about 22 yards on. After the obligatory photos were taken the blue wildebeest was processed at the superb facilities available on Pienaarshof.

The rest of the group downed an eland and a zebra and only one hunter went home empty handed. Not because he didn’t find anything to shoot – he took fantastic wildlife shots with his camera – but unfortunately nothing for the cooking pot at home.

Lessons learned: practice more using shooting tripods, be fitter than you think you are, and take your time to pick your target out of the group.

Entry Angle

Broadside Shot

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