why reload bullets

There are numerous possible reasons why shooters opt for reloading bullets vs buying bullets.  These reasons vary according to the needs of the shooters and their expectations of what they can achieve by reloading bullets.

Why hunters and marksmen prefer to reload bullets

Reload to save money

Once the reloader has obtained the necessary reloading equipment, reloading becomes a very cost-effective way to shoot.  In general, a saving of approximately 50% applies. Although the exact saving will depend on the caliber being reloaded.  When taking note of the fact that a fired case can be reused several times (up to 15 times, depending on the caliber, load and type of firearm used), the cost-efficiency of reloading is further increased.

Reload for increased accuracy

Ammunition purchased from a factory produced supplier would be hard pressed to deliver the same levels of precision and accuracy that can successfully be obtained by careful reloading.  As such, it is common practice for shooters involved in bench rest shooting to only use reloaded bullets.  This is due to the fact that this form of shooting requires extreme accuracy, and depends on achieving groupings too tight to be obtained by factory loaded ammunition.  Accuracy in hunting is also required, particularly for hunting small varmint or reaching game over a long ranges.  Reloading allows the hunter to shoot to kill and achieve long range hits in a reliable manner.

Reload for consistency

Any shooter who aims to consistently shoot within a small grouping (2 inches or less), would much rather make use of reloaded ammunition than factory bought ammunition.  This is due to the fact that factory ammunition has repeatedly shown to be ineffective at shooting a tight grouping consistently.

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