expanding your reloading kit

After establishing your beginner’s reloading kit you may wish to increase accuracy or improve reloading speed. We recommend the following reloading equipment that can be purchased over time:

A primer pocket cleaner

This handy tool removes the hard, black deposit left behind in the primer pocket after having been fired.  As this can have an impact on accuracy, it is beneficial to be able to clean the primer pocket thoroughly.

Scale check weight sets

It is important to be able to trust one’s equipment.  Particularly that the weight measured by the reloader’s powder scale is, in fact, accurate.  These weight sets allow a reloader to determine whether or not a powder scale measures accurately.

Turret presses

These presses consist of multiple die stations, which increase the speed and efficacy of reloading.

Case neck turning equipment

In order to increase accuracy when shooting, this piece of equipment allows the reloader to turn the outside of the cartridge neck to make it concentric with the inside of the neck.

A flashhole uniformer

The flashhole uniformer removes the burr at the end of the flash hole.

A primer pocket reamer

Cartridges used by the military have crimped in primers, which require this particular tool in order to remove the crimped material that is found along the edges of the primer pocket.

A primer pocket uniformer

This tool allows the reloader to flatten the bottom of primer pockets.  This is done to increase accuracy.

A brass tumbler

There are various different types of brass tumblers available on the market today, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Tumblers are used to clean brass more quickly than the reloader could clean by hand.

A powder measure

The reloading equipment powder measure metes out an exact amount of gunpowder charge quickly and easily.  In order to determine the exact powder weights to be measured, this tool needs to be used together with a powder scale.  The benefit of using a powder measure is the amount of time that it saves the reloader during the reloading process. It can also, if the powder measure is set correctly, prevent measurement errors when measuring powder individually.

An automatic electronic scale

In general, reloaders make use of either beam scales or electronic scales.  Each have their own benefits and shortcomings.  It is, however, very beneficial to use a reloading electronic powder scale in conjunction with a beam scale, as the electronic scale will greatly simplify the weighing of powder, as well as saving a the reloader a great deal of time.

For those comfortable with the hands-on, tried and tested feel of the beam scale, Peregrine Bullets suggest that the accuracy of the electronic powder scale be tested by weighing the same powder charge on the beam scale in order to achieve peace of mind.

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