reasons for crooked bullet seating

Because reloading bullets can be dangerous is is of the utmost importance that you follow the reloading process as precisely and accurately as possible. This is particularly true when seating bullets into the necks of the brass cases.

Even though a bullet with crooked seating will not damage the barrel of the rifle it is important to remember that it will have inferior accuracy. When the crooked bullet leaves the barrel a slight imbalance causes it to take a direction that is not perfectly aligned with the bore.

Common reasons for crooked bullet seating:

  • When a cartridge neck is flared too widely, or the case isn’t fitted tightly enough around the bullet, crooked bullet seating may result.
  • Bullets may be positioned into the cartridges incorrectly, thereby causing crooked bullet seating. It is therefore of critical importance to ensure that concentricity is achieved when seating the bullet.  Case and Cartridge Inspectors are available for purchase in order to avoid misaligning the bullets.
  • Errors in setting up the seating die correctly may also result in crooked bullet seating.

Should you consistently find that your accuracy is impeded as a result of crooked bullet seating, it is advised that a reloader first look at the positioning of the bullet into the case.

Because Accuracy is our aim, we’ve provided reloaders with a detailed guide on how to correctly seat Peregrine Bullets. Peregrine Bullets are manufactured with multiple seating rings that can be easily used as reference when seating the bullets.

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