If you are new to monolithic bullets here is what to understand and digest before buying any monolithic bullet.

  1. Due to the lower density of copper, monolithic bullets have slightly more volume than lead-core bullets for the same weight. For the same weight they are a little longer than lead-core bullets. If you insist to shoot the same weight check that the rifle twist is correctly matched to the monolithic bullet. A good rule of thumb is to shoot a 15 to 20% lighter monolithic bullet than previously preferred lead-core bullets.
  2. If you want to shoot the same shape and length in monolithic bullets a little weight (10% to 15%) has to be sacrificed, which will necessitate a faster twist. Failure to observe this may result in unstable bullets which will keyhole through the target.
  3. Monolithic bullets retain their weight much better on impact, therefore you can shoot a lighter bullet than lead-core with improved results. It may sound too good to be true but it is a fact. Most hunters struggle to grasp this until they actually hunt with Peregrine Bullets and experience this amazing reality.
  4. Peregrine Bullets are very soft and expand to form a smooth mushroom without petals and transfer maximum kinetic energy to the wound channel without shedding bullet weight. A profound and straight wound channel is created with a devastating knock down effect far superior to lead-core bullets and also with greatly reduced meat damage.
  5. It is important to realize that it is actually a big advantage to shoot a lighter monolithic bullet. Most lead-core bullet hunters are very resistant to shoot a lighter monolithic bullet. Don’t be! The benefit is less recoil, lower shot start pressures, less wear on your rifling, and increased muzzle velocity if desired.
  6. With a 15% lighter monolithic bullet the rifle properties and bullet performance will remain the same. In other words the rifle twist will be matched properly to shoot the monolithic bullet while the knock down effect is substantially better.
  7. Full sizing / Neck sizing may be slightly different with monolithic bullets than with lead-core bullets. The bullets may sit loosely in the case when following normal case resizing procedures or neck sizing. This is not due to monolithic bullets being under size. To obtain a smaller final neck size / case mouth (also for thin walled cases) it may be a good idea to remove the de-capping pin and then repeat the resizing procedure.

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