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Zebra – March 2014 – Ruhan Gudmanz

I would like to give some feedback on the Peregrine PlainsMaster Bullets that I used on a hunting trip over the past long weekend. I have a Musgrave .308 Varminter and have develop a competition load for it with a 150 grain Peregrine Match Bullet. After I achieved my load from 44.5 grain S335 with a [...]

Crocodile | October 2013 | Chris Gunther

In October 2013 the Canadian hunter Tim Mckeen joined our Aloe Africa Hunting Safari as we were looking for a Nile Crocodile in rivers close to Hluhluwe in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Tim used my 375 H&H loaded with Peregrine 300gr VRG-3 BushMaster bullets at about 2600fps. It was day one when we s [...]

Buffalo | July 2012 | Pieter Scholtz

I am fortunate to have many years of hunting experience under my belt and a couple of years ago I started doing my own reloading after having been given a .375 H&H by my father. I now own a number of rifles including a Winchester M70 in .416 Rem Mag as it was always my dream to hunt Buffalo in Zimba [...]

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