458 Winchester

Designed with big game hunting in Africa in mind, the 458 Winchester Magnum provided the United States’ answer to the English double rifle cartridges used in bolt action rifles (the 450 Nitro Express and the 470 Nitro Express).  The 458 Winchester Magnum gained popularity amongst big game hunters, professional hunters very quickly, and became a caliber of choice for hunting on the African continent.

The 458 Winchester Magnum faced certain difficulties during the 1970’s regarding gun powder in the cartridges clumping together. This caused erratic, and therefor unreliable, burn patterns in the caliber, which affected its popularity for a while.  To this day, however, 458 Winchester Magnum hunting rifles remain the big game hunting rifles of choice for many serious hunters.

The 458 Winchester Magnum was designed to carry a load of 510 grains at a velocity of approximately 2 150 f/s.  This allows the caliber to penetrate deep into the tough, thick-skinned animal and lodge there, thus delivering a tremendous shock to the target and a fatal blow.  Although no caliber is perfect at achieving a hunting kill shot all of the time, the 458 Winchester Magnum is considered a reliable, accurate and dependable hunting caliber when big game hunting in Africa.

Why the 458 Winchester Magnum is a popular hunting caliber

  • Reaches high velocities: When handloading, the 458 Winchester Magnum is able to reach very high velocities. This, along with the size and mass of the caliber, allows for greater damage to the hunter’s target.
  • Greater penetration through thick skin: The high density of the caliber allows for a really big force (and therefor greater penetration through thick skin) to be delivered to the target.
  • Effective at stopping large, dangerous game in its tracks: This caliber was designed to be effective over the short range. As such, it is very effective at stopping a large, dangerous animal in close vicinity dead in its tracks and can thus be counted upon to be a life saver when a hunter is confronted in a threatening situation.

Animals you can hunt with the 458 Win Mag:

  • Bison
  • Buffalo
  • Elephants
  • Hippo
  • Rihno

Hunting rifles that use of the 458 Win Mag:

  • CZ 550
  • Weatherby Mark V Dangerous Game Rifle
  • Winchester Model 70 Express
  • Belgium Browning Safari
  • Remington 700

Peregrine Bullets For The 458 Win Mag

Peregrine Solid Brass

The Peregrine Solid Brass reloading bullet is ideal for dangerous game hunting or back-up. Due to the solid construction there will be no bending or fragmenting.

Peregrine Solid Copper

The Peregrine Solid Copper reloading bullet is designed to be used in conjunction with the Peregrine BushMaster range for sighting your hunting rifle.  Due to the solid construction there will be no bending or fragmenting.

Peregrine BushMaster

The Peregrine BushMaster is ideal for any type of game hunting in thicket and is suitable for short to medium range applications. The Peregrine BushMaster is an expanding bullet with similar ballistics as the Peregrine Solid Copper bullet.

Peregrine PlainsMaster

The Peregrine PlainsMaster bullet is a spitzer hunting bullet designed for open terrain hunting with medium range application. The Peregrine PlainsMaster is also an expanding bullet, with a brass plunger that enhances nose expansion and mushrooming at high and low bullet velocities.

Peregrine Match

The Peregrine Peregrine Match Reloading Bullet is a competition shooting bullet mainly used for medium range target shooting and is a practice shooting substitute for the Peregrine PlainsMaster bullet. The Peregrine Match bullet has increased velocity but less recoil compared to to lead-core bullets.